March 2020 astrology for capricorn

On December 20, Saturn — the planet of economy, cost-saving measures, austerity, system, long-range planning, restraint and contraction — moves to Capricorn and from then till March 22, will have some influence over trends and events related to business, business practices, industry and industry practices.

2020 Capricorn Horoscope by decan:

Saturn and you. He reveals, by his house position and aspects, the strength of your security urge and the area of your life where there is dearth, struggle and laborious effort.

Saturn is the planet of work, responsibility, economy and loss and major events involving these matters only occur when Saturn is activated by progression. Transit Saturn in your chart by its house position and aspects to birthchart and progressed planets has an inconsequential influence on your life. Saturn in the Saturn cycle. The Saturn cycle chart, for a specified country, shows the area of mundane life that will be influenced, and how, by orthodox thinking, cautiousness, fear, conservatism, security measures and protection, lands, homes, crops and the weather.

2020 Capricorn Overview: Yearly Horoscope

Saturn is in house 5 the stock market, entertainment, sport, sex, children and schools. Saturn in Capricorn on December 19, is in house 2 finances, spending and banks. Saturn moves to house 3 transportation, communication, newspapers and neighboring countries on January 12, Chart data is February 16, at Saturn in house 2 finances, spending and banks signs for financial losses, restrained spending and careful economic planning. Saturn in Capricorn on December 20, is in house 12 disappointment, restriction, secret activity, hospitals and prisons.

Saturn moves to house 1 the people and their health and welfare on January 28, ; moves back to house 12 on August 19, ; and moves back to house 1 on October 18, Chart data is February 16, at 5.

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Saturn is in house 10 the government, premier and business activity. Saturn in Capricorn on December 20, is in house 6 work, labor and sickness. Saturn moves to house 7 foreign affairs and international relations on February 1, ; moves back to house 6 on July 11, ; moves back to house 7 on November 1, ; and moves to house 8 taxes, tariffs, government spending, debt and death on January 30, Chart data is February 16, at 1. Those who are already doing this well can be rewarded, and those who learn can find rewards eventually, while all others experience setbacks, failures, and can be exposed.

Probably not going to be a good time for some corporations! Is this good for us, for achieving what we want to do? What do we need to do to stay on course, or to change course? We can ponder this on a personal level in the areas of life ruled by the houses Saturn will be touring in our charts will in Capricorn, and on a bigger scale in societies, countries, and the world at large.

Economic Condition for Capricorn Horoscope 2020

It just is. Work with it, or lose. There are no other options.


Once that understanding is realized, all opportunities are unlocked. Our goals, ambitions, and careers are ruled by Capricorn, along with recognition and the public eye.

Astrology Calendar for Capricorn March

We can see some great successes and impressive accomplishments being had by individuals, societies, countries, and the world; we can also see some great setbacks, some extreme failures and embarrassment and humiliation, and unraveling of professions. Capricorn is the highest point of the natural Zodiac Wheel, and who we aspire to be, what we aspire to do, are ruled by Capricorn. We want to reach the highest peak, climb the highest mountain, reach that Zenith. A precious few may, and set themselves apart, and the rest aspire to be like them.

Saturn in Capricorn is going to be very different from his time in Sagittarius. First, Pluto is already in Capricorn when Saturn enters Capricorn, and will be in Capricorn the entire time Saturn is. Whenever Saturn and Pluto come together, they create intense discipline, unrelenting focus, and whatever they have their eye on — watch out! This will especially be true when they actually conjunct — which thankfully, only happens once in mid-January of When you have 3 or more planets together in one sign, this forms a stellium, which is a tremendous amount of energy focused in one area.

For us, this will be in Capricorn.

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That period saw the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War. It also was when a lot of the very young successful people of late were born so if you want to have a phenom for a kid, maybe plan to have one in ? That will NOT be joyful noise! Mars retrogrades midyear , and part of that retrograde will occur in Capricorn. Not the entire retrograde, at least, just a few weeks of it August 12th — 27th Assassination attempt?

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Who knows. Except the shadow, apparently.

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  7. No t-squares, for some silver lining! Some footnotes: In , Uranus starts to enter Taurus, and turns retrograde appears to move backward August 7th at 2 degrees 34 minutes; Saturn will end his retrograde about one month later on September 6th at 2 degrees 33 minutes. Saturn is the traditional while Uranus is the unconventional, so these two opposing forces can work together in some sort of harmonious way around that time. Also, Neptune is in Pisces the entire time Saturn is in Capricorn, and Pisces is the sign Neptune naturally rules, so Neptune is also in his home sign.