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Stranger Things is written and directed by the Duffer Brothers , twins born February 15, under the auspices of a 3 South Solar Eclipse 11Sag46 December 4, with themes of 'traumatic transformation' via Pluto content and 'sudden endings possibly with a young person through news received or short journeys undertaken ' ex: 'Billy'? That's a boatload of difficult energies for anyone to manage and I hope the popular Mr.

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Plus, conscious awakening , a function of Uranus the Awakener , does seem to be a theme with him at least in his films and astrological Uranus has that futurist-tech-science vibe, as you know. Now, in case you're one of the few Matrix fans who've missed it so far, here's a link to a trailer for The Matrix 4: Revival , a film that, from the looks of it, promises to be as freakily disturbing as any futuristic sci-fi fan could want it to be!

And of course, you know that all that Cancer energy in Keanu's natal chart is perfect for starring in such films because 'The Matrix' is totally a maternal-lunar Cancer sort of thing. So perhaps the combined Saturn-Pluto energies relate in part to the harsh dystopian quality of The Matrix films. Here's a tutorial by expert astrologer David Cochrane concerning Saturn Stations , Retrograde and Direct, and the karmic Timekeeper planet's curiously intriguing association with the number :. Apparently, intense Scorpio life is a battle!

He thought, planned, and communicated as a dramatic Leo with Mercury 6Leo09 conjunct MC The Goal Point ; warrior Mars conjoined Neptune in Virgo showing an intuitive strategist who was unwilling to accept responsibility for the results of his actions inspired though they may have been. Yet we find him born with an enlightened Uranus-Neptune-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine in practical Earth signs, and a high-flying Kite pattern suggesting success rebellious Uranus in stubborn Taurus acts as the tail.

These closed circuits of planetary energies supported his grand visions of global conquest and expansion of territory and power. And since Pluto is also a planet associated with publishing, Andrew Roberts' definitive biography of Napoleon: A Life has enjoyed quite a bit of publicity and brisk sales before the corpulent chanteuse sang, for as you know, a person's natal planets continue to be triggered or activated in perpetuity.

Perhaps Napoleon's Capricorn Pluto, also the planet of transformation and activated in our time by its return to natal degree, has made possible an 'upgrade' to Napoleon's reputation or at least has provided a deeper knowledge of his life and motivations.

Star School Lesson 6: The Moon - The Tarot Lady

A temperamental, authoritative Sun Leo-Moon Capricorn personality blend provided Napoleon I with great vitality and a sense of adventure, perfect attributes for an aspiring world conqueror and self-crowned emperor. His somber, ambitious Capricorn Moon supplied the stability and perseverance needed to stick to his Leonine plans for shining on the world stage, taking charge, and directing all focus upon his ultimate goals. There was practical intellect combined with vanity, conceit, and arrogance which added to his downfall in spite of great courage and determination.

Although defeated on June 18, at the Battle of Waterloo chart shown--RR: B; Sun Gemini-Moon Scorpio ; a forceful Mars-Pluto conjunction in Pisces, a military sign, widely opposes Jupiter the General 00Lib55, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation--with rising Jupiter conjunct asteroid Nemesis , the unbeatable foe , Napoleon had managed to take over most of continental Europe yet eventually died in exile of stomach cancer partially described by natal Saturn in Cancer opposing natal Moon in Capricorn on the isle of St.

Helena on May 5, Note that if you, dear reader, have the same Moon-Saturn opposition across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, don't expect a similar medical outcome! Two minutes?!! What I can tell you as politicians like to say these days!

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Eclipses in Mercury-ruled Gemini obviously have to do with various issues of communication and possible karma associated with one or more of his several siblings Pauline was his favorite sister: Venus Rx in Gemini? Naturally taciturn, a person born under and influenced by a Prenatal Eclipse in Gemini sign of The Dark and Light Twins will often communicate with fewer words than a more talkative person and the primary focus will be on his capacity to think through a situation logically and express his thoughts coherently.

Negatively, Gemini expression tends to produce loquacity, superficiality, and caprice, plus, the native may enter upon a 'talkathon' without first giving the situation the forethought necessary to come to a logical solution. This may cause a splintering of the thought processes which hinders karmic progress for the natural Gemini reasoning ability should be an asset applied to karmic problems yet this may or may not be the case Lineman.

A 5N eclipse last manifested in ; next in Sympatico with Wellington's PE by degree , the PE of the Battle of Waterloo 19Cap32 , an annular eclipse in the 15 South Saros Series, seems descriptive of such an important battle--of any battle actually: 'release of tension, a lingering situation suddenly clears but with a sense of collective grief or loss' Themes: Brady's Predictive Astrology. And what I can tell you about Prenatal Solar Eclipses in Saturn-ruled Capricorn is that they emphasize serious, conservative, and conscientious approaches to problems and require the development of self-discipline which can overcomes self-indulgence in order to make karmic progress.

Review and compare their three charts as you wish for there is definitely more cosmic information to be revealed for those curious enough to sleuth into Historical Horoscopes! With his sun and Mercury in practical Virgo, moon in stable Taurus, with a capable Capricorn rising sign , Harry is incredibly earthy.

The position of Saturn in his horoscope suggests he feels the weight of his reputation in the world—and its considerable power.

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What Saturn sign are you? Talk to an astrologist to find out. His warm, excitable nature comes courtesy of spirited Jupiter and planets in Sagittarius —including Mars. Yet, with Venus in sociable, diplomatic, and charming Libra he gracefully makes up for his errors.

Doria and Thomas had an adorable nickname for their new daughter. Doria became pregnant within a year of the wedding, and Rachel Meghan Markle was born on August 4, Still, Markle became the center of his life. Canoga Park, California. With her sun, Mercury and her destiny driven north node shining brightly in Leo, the Royal Family is a suitable setting for Meghan, equivocal to her successful career on camera. SOLAR: separations from loved ones. The loss of elderly parents or grandparents. Major changes in the environment can occur.

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Success through group activity. An increase within the family through births or marriage. On the positive side, new associations could bring benefit. On the negative side, the loss of a friend or relative. Most astrologers who have ever lived spent their entire careers without taking into account the vertex. This node-like point was not postulated until the 's' when L. Edward Johndro coined the name.

He, and his followers, did attribute significant meaning to the vertex, although Johndro apparently grappled with its relative value more than once. Is the vertex really effective?

Sun & Moon Combinations: How Well do your Sun & Moon get Along?

The following article invites students to consider this question, experimenting with their own charts to find answers for themselves. Conclusions:The vertex is a point in the horoscope that can indicate a sense of destiny working through another person or outstanding event. The house and sign position can offer clues as to where the change or turning point may take place and in what way.

All students are encouraged to watch the vertex in their own charts, determining for themselves the relative value. After all, we never know when Vertumnus might enter our garden in the guise of someone else, offering an unexpected turn of fate! Calculating the Vertex: Most astrology software programs offer the option of calculating the vertex in the chart.

To find the Vertex by hand, you calculate the Ascendant at your co-latitude. OR, you can go to AstroDienstand include it in the many chart options, calculating it on line for free. I would double check the hand calculations against their computer results at first, just to make sure. In the natal chart, it has to do with our work. I am not talking about career status and goals like the MC indicates, but the real actual work situation… where we produce day to day…. Our "output", as Sullivan indicated. Watch the transits precessed ones I find work better and you will see noteworthy changes at work related to the planet transiting over the Vertex.

You can count on it. Transits to the MC may indicate a change in career status, a promotion, etc, or a change in career goals; but VX is changes in the actual functional work situation. In horaries, the VX is the likely outcome of a question as a result of current conditions; i. This can be read with the midpoints falling on the Vertex and planets forming 16th harmonic angles to it. I find this consistently reliable. As with all oracles, the horary chart is not immutable, and application of the willpower of anyone concerned can alter the outcome.

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  • And no, that is not a weakness of astrology. Our lives are influenced by MANY factors, whether challenging or advantageous: planetary, environmental, social, genetic, karmic, and personal determination. Sorry, astrology does not do it all for us. The Vertex is almost always found on the right or occidental side of the horoscope.